Terra Nova Omega Oil 3-6-7-9

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Certified organic, vegan omega oil blend including Flaxseed, Hemp Seed, Borage Seed, Rice Bran and Sea Buckthorn seed oils

Directions for use
As a food supplement for adults, take 1 to 3 5ml teaspoons daily may be taken on a spoon, added to salads and smoothies or drizzled onto food. Refrigerate after opening. Do not heat or use in cooking or frying.

ONE 5ML TEASPOON TYPICALLY PROVIDES:Organic Flaxseed Oil 65.994%Omega 3 58% Omega 6 14% Omega 9 19%Organic Hemp Seed Oil 20%Omega 3 20% Omega 6 60% Omega 9 12%Organic Olive Oil 8%Omega 3 1% Omega 6 8% Omega 9 75%Organic Borage Seed Oil 3%Omega 3 0% Omega 6 80% Omega 9 20%Organic Rice Bran Oil 1%Omega 3 1% Omega 6 39% Omega 9 42%Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil 1%Omega 3 3% Omega 6 6% Omega 7 35% Omega 9 22%Organic Sea Buckthorn Kernel Oil 1%Omega 3 29% Omega 6 38% Omega 9 19%Tocopherol (vitamin E) 0.006%OMEGA 3, 6, 9 RATIO: APPROXIMATELY 2 : 1 : 1INGREDIENTS:Flax*, Hemp*, Olive*, Borage*, Rice Bran*, Sea Buckthorn Fruit*, Sea Buckthorn Kernel*, Tocopherol (antioxidant).*Oils produced from organic agriculture. Organic Certification GB-ORG-05 EU/non-EU agriculture

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding unless on the advice of a healthcare practitioner. If taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product. Do not exceed stated dose unless directed by a healthcare practitioner. Keep of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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