Weleda Muscular Pain Relief Oral Spray

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With homeopathic extracts. Works from the inside out to help muscle aches and pains. An oral spray containing homeopathic ingredients arnica montana, rhus tox and ruta grav, complementing our Arnica Massage Balm, Muscle Soak and Skin Salve. The combined remedies are prepared in the anthroposophic tradition, to help with muscle stiffness, fatigue, aching joints and tendons, heavy limbs and deep aches or bruises, especially after exertion or over-working. Weleda Muscular Pain Relief Oromucosal Spray contains a combination of Homeopathic remedies, rhythmically prepared in Anthroposophic tradition. Key ingredients: Arnica 6X – Muscular stiffness, fatigue, heaviness, trauma, bruised feeling, muscle strain, over stretched or over exercised. Ruta 6X – strained tendons, deep bruising and ache, lameness. Rhus Tox 6X – pains and stiffness in ligaments, tendons and joints.
Each metered spray contains: Arnica montana 6X, Ruta graveolens 6X and Rhus toxidendron (Toxicodendron quercifolium) 6X, Purified Water, Ethanol 16.1% w/w. Contains ethanol, see enclosed leaflet for further information
For oral use only. Hold the spray upright, a few centimetres from your mouth. Open your mouth and apply 1 or 2 metered spray into the mouth up to 3 times daily, ideally half an hour before or half an hour after food or drink.

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