Silicol Skin 50ml

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silicoskin is a colloidal, hydrated silica gel from the compounds silicon and oxygen, the two most abundant elements on earth. Silicolskin physically binds and reduces bacteria as well as oil and impurities on the skin. This clears excess oil (sebum) and reduces spots and blackheads.

Hydrated silica, sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, citric acid.

Directions for use
Shake tube well before use. Suitable for use on face and body. Wet the skin and apply a thin layer of silicolskin to the desired area or apply as face mask (avoid the eyes area). Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes or until the product turns white on the skin. When dry, gently rinse off with water. You may experience tingling, tightening and redness of the skin during use. This is completely normal and will only last a few minutes. If skin dryness occurs use a neutral moisturiser after rinsing. Apply once a day (maximum 5 applications per week on the same area). For sensitive skin, test on a small are first.


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